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Home Learning Ideas



Pick just one cupboard or your fridge/freezer, list all the different countries that the food you find has come from. Then using this link work out roughly how far the food has travelled to reach your home. Add the total number of miles all the food has travelled- has it travelled enough miles to go around the world or reach the moon? 


Recently innovative shoe design helped Eliud Kipchoge complete a marathon in under 2 hours, design a futuristic perfect pair of shoes that will help everyone walk, cycle or scoot to school more quickly and safely in 2050. Give your shoes a name and label the features on the shoe that make them faster and safer. 




As a family use the internet to research what can be recycled in your local area (you can do this by searching Carmarthensire+recycling), your local authority will have guidance for which colour bag to use for your waste.  


Go around your home and make a list of all the different products you can find that are made of or packaged in single use plastic. Keep a record for each room: kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc. Where in your house did you find the most? Show your findings in a graph where in the horizontal axis you will write the type of room, and in the vertical axis you will write the number of types of products. Don’t worry about how many of the same product, just describe how many different types of products made of or packaged in single-use plastic in each room.


Local Area - Tree Watch 


Pick a tree from your local neighbourhood or within school grounds, give your tree a name and write a diary entry from the tree's perspective- including details of the animals you see and how the weather effects your branches and leaves. Does your tree have any friends they wave to in the wind? 


Fold a piece of paper so you have four sections, each one of these sections will be the seasons ( spring, summer, autumn and winter). In each of the seasons, write or draw plants and wildlife that grow during that season.


Rivers and Canals 


Even if someone doesn't live near the coast, plastic waste can end up in the sea or ocean. Draw a diagram explaining how plastic waste from inland travel to the ocean becoming a threat to marine life. 


Use the internet to research five reasons the oceans are so important to human life. Do any of these surprise you? 


Healthy Living 


Create your own comedy sketch that lasts for 2 minutes, then perform it to your family- maybe you could include props from around the home. Record your comedy sketch and ask your family to share with your friends to brighten their day!


Incorporate 3 senses into your daily exercise. What can you hear, see and smell as you walk, run or cycle? Try to notice different things each day and keep a record in a sensory diary or map. Does the weather change what you see? Does the time of day change what you hear? Does location change what you smell? 


Global Citizenship 


Pick two countries with different climates, why do you think their climate may be different? Try to find out if climate change has had an impact on one or both of these countries. 


Draw and colour a flag of another country.Then, you could display your flag in the window alongside your rainbow posters to show you're thinking of others around the world! 




Sometimes it is easy to forget that leaving a light or tv on when we leave the room has impacts on the environments. If we could all reduce our energy usage to only what we need rather than wasting energy, then that would significantly reduce our carbon emissions.


Look around your home and count how many devices you can find that use electricity. 


Audit energy use in your house, f any devices are left on standby, when not being used, ask an adult to switch them off. See if you can reduce your energy use. 




Use recycled materials to create a mural of your favourite animal! 


Can you find out the national trees/ flowers for Wales, England, Ireland and Scotland? Research why they are our national trees/ flowers!  


How eco is your home?


Home Environmental Review This review is designed to be a talking point or stimulus to investigate how Eco-Friendly and Eco-Knowledgeable your household is. The questions will help you to assess what is already good in your home as well as give a few ideas for what you could change to be more environmentally friendly. Don’t feel as though you have to tick yes for everything, as no one is perfect! Even if you only make one small change, you will be taking a step in the right direction.