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Year 6 - Mrs Phillips/ Mrs Atkins

Croeso i ddosbarth

Blwyddyn 6 



Teacher E-Mail address: 


Dear parents we are aware that there may be times where you need extra support with your child’s learning. Please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Atkins or Mrs Phillips. We check our emails on school days and will reply within 24/48 hours (staff are unable to reply if they are absent due to illness) . If there is an urgent issue then the school office should be contacted. 



Mrs Phillips - Year 6

Mrs Atkins - Year 6








Welcome to the Year 6 class page. Visit this page to follow events in Year 6 and you will hear our news, see examples of our exciting work and find details of upcoming events we are involved in. To find out more about how our class works, our theme, or take a look at details of homework/ Home Learning, click on the links below. 


The Year 6 team for 2021- 2022 

Mrs Phillips (Class Teacher)

Mrs Atkins (Class Teacher)


Year 6 Transition Booklet: Click the link for Parent/Carer Transition booklet from Coedcae School:


There are many activities on this page to keep the pupils busy and to develop their learning. There are also instructional videos and an instructional sheet to help your child complete planned learning sessions. Whenever appropriate to the task, pupils are encouraged to interpret homework challenges creatively- displaying an original, imaginative approach to the task.  Whilst we acknowledge that this may not always be possible (maybe because of access to technology) we hope that this will be possible for the majority of pupils who find themselves in this situation. 


Your teachers will share work and assignments with you through 'Teams' on Office 365 and J2e. Pupils can access learning during their time in school as well as at home. 

  • Remember to check the 'Assignment’ folder regularly;
  • Upload your work with the class teacher;
  • Check your teachers feedback.


These activities can be accessed by pupils with laptops, i-pads, Play Stations and mobile devices etc through their HWB accounts.


Hwb Log In Link 


The pupils work will be shared on Teams the Just 2 Easy platform found on Hwb. Follow the videos to learn how to get access to the work.

How to access Office 365 and Microsoft Teams through Hwb

Daily Activities 

Additional Resources

Please note we are not responsible for the content of any websites featured here.


Always follow our SMART Rules which can be found on our website