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Year 6 - Mrs Phillips/ Mr Evans

Croeso Mawr









Home School Learning:



Dear Parents,


Year 6 have set up a working area in Hwb Classes and Microsoft Teams. Tasks will also be upload on this School Website page. These areas will provide resources and tasks that can be completed at home.


To link with the Classes area your child will need to:

  1. Log Into your Hwb account
  2. Open a new window and write the following address:
  3. Send a request to join the Hwb Class
  4. Once accepted pupils will have full access to the area


To Link with Microsoft Teams:


  • Simply, press the Teams Icon in your Office 365 area;

  • Navigate the screen and check out the files and assignments;

  • Complete the assignments in Microsoft Word or Power Point;

  • Add these assignments to the teams area;

  • Assignments are dated and will be marked;

  • Two written assignments have been set up for this week.



Please talk about the activities with your child and give them support to complete them. Some activities will take longer than others will and many are based around the current theme WW2. Just complete as much as possible for you and your child.


Pupils are welcome to share their work with the class teachers who will be able to mark and comment. HWB can be accesses using a laptop, PC, I Pad, tablet and phones. Children may also wish to download a free copy of Microsoft Word from the Hwb area.


How to get Office for Free: 


If this is not possible then the children may complete the provided tasks in a book.

Many thanks for your support



Rhestr Apiau/ App List

Minecraft Activities

Minecraft Activities  1
Every pupil has access to Minecraft:Educational free of charge through their Hwb usernames and passwords. Minecraft is a fantastic resource to develop creativity and perseverance. You could challenge them to recreate part of, or the whole school. They could even design an area they would like to see appear in the future! The app is free of charge, but you have to download the Minecraft:Educational programme on computers and laptops. Click here to go to the website.

Additional Resources

Sentence Building VCOP Activities


Wellbeing 1