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Year 5 - Mr Evans / Miss Roberts

Welcome to Year 5

Home Learning

Mr Davies and Mrs Roberts are uploading daily lessons and learning activities onto the pupils 'Google Classrooms'. If the pupils require support with any work, they know, they can comment below the piece of work and support will be given as soon as possible.


If you have any problems with accessing 'Google Classrooms' there is a help guide below to support you. Further to this you can contact the school office.

Paper copies of the 'Home Learning' packs have also been posted into the mail, should the pupils not have access to a digital device.


Thank you!

Hello and welcome to year 5's class page.
Here you will find information and timetables about the class as well as themes of study and examples of learning. We also make regular updates and show pupils participating in work and activities on our school Twitter page If you need to speak to the class teacher, or have any queiries, don't hesitate to contact us. Simply phone our reception on 01554 775778 and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
We hope you enjoy.

Themes of Study 


Autumn 1                   Castles and Kingdoms 
Autumn 2                  Castles and Kingdoms (cont)
      Spring 1                        Stargazers 
Spring 2                  Allotment 
Summer 1                  Pharaohs (Ancient Egyptians)
 Summer 2                   Scream Machine (Theme Park)


Google for Education - Via Hwb

In year 5, we strive to promote safe digital learning and independence. One way in which we do this is through a software Google for Education or 'Google Classrooms'. This resource allows pupils to access learning through laptops, ipads etc through their HWB accounts.
Pupils can access learning on here during their time in school as well as at home. 
Due to the current 'Covid 19' situation we are limiting the amount of objects being passed from home to school and vice versa.
Google classrooms has a wide range of state of the art features that will allow us to:

1 - Set homework for pupils which can be accessed electronically at home

2 - Provide a communication platform for pupils around the work they are completing.

3 - Allow pupils to access learning, should there be another general lockdown.


The pupils have joined their classes and no passcode is needed. However, below is some helps, tips and troubling shooting guides for parents and pupils.

How to access and login to the Hwb platform

How to access and login to the Hwb platform

Useful Information:

  1. P.E for year 5 is scheduled for Friday afternoon's. A change of clothes and appropriate footwear is required.
  2. Pupils have the opportunity of having a snack (toast) at 20p a day.
  3. At present, reading books are not permitted to be sent home. Therefore pupils are currently reading them during school time.
  4. If you wish your pupil to walk home unattended at the end of the day. Simply request a 'Walk Home' letter from us. When you have signed it and the teacher has acknowledged it, then your child is able to walk home. 
  5. Homework will be set by the class teacher via 'Google Classrooms' 
  6.  Pupils receive a list of 10 spelling words each Friday to learn ready for the following Friday.

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