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Week of - 25.05.2020

Hello everyone :)
This week would be our May half-term holidays, so Mrs Morgan's and myself have decided to give you a few days off school work. A chance for you to undertake other forms of learning.

- Get baking and cooking
- Get gardening, planting and weeding
- Get creative with different types of art
- Solve puzzles and jigsaw's
- Play games with your family


We want you to have a little time for yourself. But don't forget there are little activities you can do to that will still be really helpful to you:
- Make sure you spend a little bit of time each day reading.
- Set yourself a challenge to know all or most of your timestables really well
- Set yourself some spelling words that are unfamiliar to you!
- Complete any tasks on Google Classrooms that you have yet to do!


Mrs Morgans, myself and the other teacher's at Ysgol Pen Rhos have been working on a little project for you which you will find out more about soon! We think you are going to love it!


Stay safe and if you need us your adults can send us a message on our school Twitter page.