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Literacy - Synonym or Antonym


Hello everyone :)

Today we are going to look at 'Synonyms and Antonyms'

A Synonym is a word that has the same meaning to another word, such as,      sad and upset 
A Antonym is a word that has the opposite meaning to a word, such as,        good and bad 


Take a look at the BBC Bitesize video below for more explanation:


Then when you think you are ready, take a look at the 'Synonym and Antonym activity. It's your choice where you want to complete the activity :)

Good luck :)

Theme - Allotment - Flower Art 

Hello :)

Today I'd like you to have a go at drawing a flower.


I have attached 2 Youtube video tutorials, all you have to do is decide which one you want to draw. You can do both if you want!


Remember my top tip: If you are drawing - use faint lines to begin with as they are easier to rub out if you make a mistake. Then when you are happy with the shape you can go over your shape with harder and darker lines!

Send us some photos of how you get on. We love seeing your work!
Good luck :)

How To Draw Three Spring Flowers

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