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Literacy - Up Leveling Sentences

Good morning :)
Unfortunately the sun doesn't seem to want to come out to play today :(


Anyway I'd like you to have a go at Improving these basic sentences, one step at a time.

Make the sentences interesting.

1.Add adjectives to describe the noun.         2. Use a powerful verb.    
3.Include adverbs to describe the verb.       4. Lengthen sentences by using conjunctions/connectives.
5.Use super sentence starters to show time, place, simile, conjunction.          6. Add punctuation.


Look at the attachments below they will help you with your work.
- The examples will show you how you can improve the sentences 
- The Sentence Mat will give you words and phrases you might want to use in your sentences!


They climbed the tree.
She entered the forest.
The wind blew.
Six dogs pulled the sledge.
The moon shone.
The cave was dark.
I found a map in the box.
The cat walked along the wall.
The shell was on the beach.
Rachel walked towards the gate.


Good luck :)

Science - Do Leaves Sweat?

Hello :)

We ask ourselves very random questions sometimes.. so my random question is... Do leaves sweat?
Another name for sweat is Perspiration.

Humans and animals sweat/perspire when our bodies become warm and the release of the sweaty liquid tries to help us cool down!


Take a look at today's experiment to see if you can find out if leave sweat or not!

There is a help sheet and video guide below!

You will need your adults to help you for this one. If you haven't got some of the items, don't panic, you can change some of the materials to what you do have maybe, or if you don't that's fine too!


Good luck :)
Take some photos to let us know how you get on!

Plant Perspiration | Mad Science