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Science - Forces - Home-Made Hovercraft 

Good morning :)
Continuing on with our forces theme in Science. Today i'd like you to try to make a 'Hovercraft' (if you can)


I have attached the website and help sheet below. You will need your adults help with this one! 


Where it says to use a 'glue gun' 
1 - Don't use it without your parents helping you
2 - If you don't have 1 then any other glue usually works too!


The challenges are on the 'Hovercraft' sheet below!


If you do not have the materials to make this experiment don't panic. YouTube the experiment and watch how it works. I don't want you or your parents to go out and buy materials. Only do it if you have them!


Good luck :)

Theme - The Importance of Bees 

Hello :)
You should, by now, know that bees are really important creatures for plants and flowers. But why...? that's what you are going to find out today!


You will need to google :-
BBC bitesize
1)    Why are bees attracted to flowers?
2)    Why are bees so important?  BBC newsround.

Your tasks:
1 - Look at the short video clips and make notes of any key points.
2 - You may want to do a little more research and find out about what other uses bees have or how they help!
3 - Make a poster about 'Saving the Bees'


In your poster you must include:
- Clear Title
- Pictures
- Explanation of what bees do to the flowers etc
- Some facts about bees (maybe how their numbers are low)
- What can we do to help protect bees


Good luck :)