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Science - Forces - Hoop Glider 

Good morning :)

Today we are going to look at making a Hoop Glider.

We have learnt that surface area of an object can affect the speed and movement. Like our parachute experiment, the larger parachute had a bigger surface area and fell to the floor the slowest.


Today you are going to look at making a glider and see how air resistance helps it.

What you need to do:
1 - Find a plastic straw, go outside and throw it, just like you would throw a dart.. observe what happens.
2 - Then watch the 'How to make a hoop glider' video clip
3 - Use the video clip and instruction sheet to help you make your own
4 - Then return outside and test out your glider, did it go further?


You could make this an experiment 
- See how far you can get the glider to travel and record each throw.
- Make different size hoops for your glider and see if they travel further or shorter
- You could change the materials to other things and see what happens!


Hope you enjoy!
We'd love to see some pictures and videos of your experiments!


How To Make A Hoop Glider

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Welsh - Telling the Time


Hello :)
Last time in Welsh we looked at say what sports we liked/dis-liked and why.
We are trying to build up a conversation about sport and going out to do some hobbies. When you meet with friends to play football or go to the pool you usually ask 'What time?'


So today i'd like you to refresh your memory of time in Welsh.


What you need to do:
1 - Look at the Time Posters attachment - go through some of the times - start with the easier ones. (Ask a family member to help you)
2 - Use the interactive clock to practice making your time.

You could get a family member to tell you times in welsh and you have to make them on the clock.


Remember: Google translate is always helpful, it can help you pronounce some words you find hard.


Try out the Welsh Time game and see how you get on :)

Good luck :)