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VE Day Celebration

VE Day: Remembrance Event (8th-10th May)

Here is a brief video to explain why we celebrate VE Day.

And here is a site which explains more about this special day.

Have a go at taking on one of Dan Snow's VE Day challenges from this website.

The challenge:

We’re asking you to think about how you would tell the story of VE Day today. There are lots of ways you could bring the story of VE Day to life. You could:

  • Write a short news report in the style of today or 75 years ago
  • Make a short video that tells the story of VE Day, either in the style of 75 years ago or how you would tell it today
  • Design a newspaper front page or article
  • Write or perform a poem, song, drawing or other work of art
  • Share the story of someone in your family or area who was involved in the War
  • Write or perform a short play about VE Day and what it would have been like 75 years ago

Where to start

There are lots of online resources you use to find out more about VE Day and the Second World War:

Here is a website to explore of popular songs of this time. 

Website of WW2 songs

You could even challenge yourself further and learn some of the dances too!