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Welsh - Sports (Part 2) - Expressing Opinions 

Hello everyone :)
In the last Welsh task we looked at describing what sports we like or dislike:
Rydw i'n hoffi rygbi  a dydw i ddim yn hoffi pel fasged

Today we are going to add an opinion to our sentences that describes why we like or dislike that sport
- I like rygbi because it is fun - Rydw i'n hoffi rygbi achmos maen hwyl!

What you need to do:
1 - Read the PowerPoint attachment and look at the different opinions we can have and how we use them in a sentence
2 - Find your Welsh sentences you wrote and add on some of the opinions you had learnt today.
(If you haven't written your sentences about what you like - you need to look at the task called Sport (Task 1) in Welsh first)
3 - If you have done your sentence on J2E5 add in a sound clip of you reading some of your Welsh sentences!

Good luck :)

Theme - Allotment - Research a Famous Spring Artist

Hello all :)
Today i'd like you to do a little bit of research, i'd like you to find out about a famous artists called Georgia O'Keeffe
Georgia is famous for her wildlife and outdoor art of nature.

What i'd like you to do is make a biography/fact-file/Information Sheet (you choose) about the artist.
You can do this on J2Office - Present (PowerPoint) J2E5 or on paper.


You will need to:
1 - Decide how you are going to set out what you find
2 - Read the attachment 'Success Criteria' these are the things you will need to find out and record
3 - Create a piece of work that talks all about Georgina O'Keeffe


We will be trying to make some art in the style of Georgia O'Keeffe next week, so we need to learn a little bit about her before we start!

Good luck :)