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Theme/Literacy - Seeds and Weeds 

Hello everyone :)
Today's task is called 'Seeds and Weeds'


I have attached a comprehension activity below, you will need to:
1 - There are Chilli Challenges (at the bottom of the page you will see 1, 2 or 3 stars - these are your chillis, choose which one is best for you.
2 - Read the information slowly and carefully
3 - Answer the questions that follow
(Yes the answers are on the attachment too - but you should only look at them when you have finished your work to show how you got on!)


You can complete your work on J2 Writer or paper.


Remember read the questions carefully and answer all questions using full sentences!  
Use the key words in the questions to help you locate what information you need in the text by scanning.

Good luck :)


Maths - Square and Cube Numbers 


Hello :)
Yesterday we looked at square numbers, so today we are going to look at cube numbers!


What you need to do is:
Watch BBC bitesize KS2 What are square and cube numbers?


Today you are going to find square and cube numbers.
Square number is 2 x 2 = 4     (A number multiply by itself,   2 of the same number which is shown as a small 2 )
Cube number is 2 x 2 x 2  = 4 x 2 = 8     (A number  multiplied by itself twice,  3 of the same number shown as a small 3)


There is also a multiplication grid to test yourself to see how you are getting on with your Timestables. You will be able to see your strengths and weaknesses. Don't use a calculator!

Good luck!