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Theme - Ysgol Pen Rhos Allotment 
As some of you might have seen, on the side of our 3G pitch we have a large area of waste land. Lot's of you voted to learn about 'Allotment' this year, so I have been thinking... maybe we could (when we are back in school) turn that waste land into our very own allotment. 
We could grow a wide range of fruit and vegetables for tasting and cooking and also sell them for money to buy new equipment for the allotment etc.


But first we need to persuade The Boss - Mr Cudd' that this is a good idea! So what you need to do:

1 - I'd like you to think of all the good/positive reasons why Ysgol Pen Rhos should have an allotment. 
2 - You may want to discuss this with your adults to think of all the possible ideas.
3 - Make a mind map or spider diagram of all your ideas. (Drawings and pictures on them would make them even better)
(I have attached an example and support below. It will help you create your mind map and think of ideas)


You can create your mind map/spider diagram by:
1 - Doing it on paper
2 - Using J2E5
3 - Using J2 Office Writer
4 - Using J2 Office - Present


Remember the more good reasons you think of the better to persuade Mr Cudd.
Think about - exercise, well-being, science, maths, art etc

Good luck :)

Literacy - Spring Poems 

Today I'd like us to create a poem about 'Spring'
We have looked at different types of poems this year, but to refresh your memory there is a link below to help you!

What you need to do:
1 - Think about what spring means to you (Below I have attached an idea mat of things that most people think of)
2 - Watch the BBC Biteszie video clip and select which type of poem you think you'd like to create
3 - You may want to research more examples of the poem you select to better understand how they work)
4 - Write it out neatly or type your poems and create illustrations and a border, not forgetting your name.

Read your poem to a member of your family, remember to use expression and change the tone of your voice.
You could type your poem onto Hwb (J2E5 or J2Office Writer) and add a voice clip of you reading your poem to me - I love listening to you all read.

Good luck :)