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Maths - Working with Numbers 

Hello everyone :)


Today i'd like you to apply what you have learnt in the last few weeks/months to solve these sums and problems.


As you can see below I have attached a 'Chilli Challenge' 
What you need to do is:
1 - Look at both challenges and choose which one is best for you
2 - Complete your work on Just 2 Easy or paper at home


Remember to check your answers once you are done to make sure you haven't made any silly mistakes.


Take your time to do an activity.
Let me know when the work has been completed so I can take a look 
Good luck :)


Science - Forces - A Soap Powered Boat

Hello :)


Carrying on with our 'Forces' topic in Science, today i'd like you to take a look at the 'YouTube Video' below.

What you need to do:
1 - Watch the video and think about what is happening and how?
2 - If you can, try and re-create your own version of the experiment if you have the materials at home (don't worry if you don't)
3 - On J2E5 - Write or add a sound clip of you explaining 
 -  What happened to the boat?
 - Why do you think this happened?
 - Do you think it would work with other liquids? (Maybe you could test this?)


I have also attached a set of instructions on how to make your experiment! 

Good luck :)

Soap Powered Boat | At-Home Experiments | Mad Science

Soap Powered Boat HOV054 What you need: Liquid dish detergent Large container or tray Scissors Small bowl Foam plate Toothpick Water What you do: Step 1: Use...