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Maths - Probability

Good morning :)
Today we are going to look at 'Probability'. Probability means the chances of something happening.
We use words like - Impossible, Unlikely, Even Chance, Likely or Certain.


For example:
The chances the sun will rise tomorrow is - certain
The chances I will eat today is likely
The chances it will snow tomorrow is unlikely.


Today we are going to use words to describe probability and then tomorrow we will look at using fractions and percentages... easy peasy!


What you need to do:
1 - Read the language of probability powerpoint before you start
2 - Try your new learning on the 'Vile Vendor' game
3 - Attempt the Chilli 1 Challenge. For this i'd like you to make a chart with 5 columns:
Impossible, Unlikely, Even Chance, Likely or Certain - Then put the different scenarios in the column you think it best fits!

You can do it on J2E5 - J2Writer or paper

Good luck

Theme - Smoothies 

Good morning :)
Around this time of year fruit and vegetables are growing nicely with lots of sun and rain spells. They should be getting close to being picked.

Today your task is to create your own Smoothie.
It's a chance for you to mix and blend ingredients you may never have tried before.


So this is what you need to do:
1 - Read through the short powerpoint
2 - Decide on what type of smoothie you will want to create - ask your parents what you have available or plan ingredients for your next shopping trip maybe.
3 - You may want to research a similar smoothie on the internet to give you a guide.
4 - Make a poster advertising your smoothie.


Your smoothie poster must include:
1 - A picture of your smoothie or similar 
2 - A name for your smoothie, big and bold for everyone to see
3 - A list of ingredients
4 - A method on how to make your smoothie - What order and techniques.
5 - Persuasive language - 'The best smoothie you have tasted' - 'Prepare to rattle your taste buds with new delicious flavours.


You may want to do your poster on paper or J2E5
Good luck:)