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Maths - Handling Data - The Range

Hello everyone :)
So we have learnt how to work out the 'Mean and the Mode'. Today, we are going to work out the 'Range'

The range is the difference between the lowest number and the highest number.

For example:
In a reading test the children's score out of 30 are;
- Ben 29
- Amy 10
- Fred 18
-Amelia 28
- John 8

You can see that Ben has 29 (the highest) and John has 8 (the lowest) we then simply subtract the numbers to give us the range.       29 - 8 = 21                  the range is 21.


Your tasks:
1 - Look at the BBC Website to begin with
2 -  Choose a Chilli Challenge that you think is best for you to complete
3 - If you choose chilli 1 then try some of chilli 2 when you are done
(If you choose chilli 2 - create 5 extra of your own range problems)


Good luck :)

Literacy - Descriptive Writing 

Hello :)

Today I want you to have a look at Pobble 365. 


I would like you to have a go at the following activities.
1 - Question Time (If you are unsure you may need to research)
2 - Story Starter. I want you to describe the mad hatter using the best adjectives and descriptions as you can. Use similes if you are feeling very confident.
3 -Sick sentences! 


You will need to:
- Use full sentences.
- Remember your punctuation, capital letters, commas, full stops, explanation marks etc 
- Interesting descriptive vocabulary – adjectives, adverbs.
- You can complete these on J2E5 - J2 Office (Writer) or on paper.


Can you add a sound clip of you reading your character description. I want to hear your expression when you are reading!


 Good luck :)