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PSE - Recycling (Part 2)


Hello :)
Today we are going to carrying on looking at 'Recycling'
Last lesson you looked at sorting out different objects into different groups and if they can be recycled.


For this task I'd like you to keep a 'Waste Diary' for your house. You will need to record anything that you or your parents throw away for 1 week!


What you need to do:
1 - Take a look at the 'Waste Categories' sheet. It tells you the different type of waste we throw away and put them into groups.
2 - Look at your 'Recycling Diary' sheet. This will tell you what I want you to record each day for 1 week.
3 - Think about how you are going to record your information - are you going to write down what you throw away? Or maybe you could use J2Office - Spreadsheet to help you record it every day.


Extended challenge:
At the end of the week i'd like you to make a graph of the different objects/materials you have throw away for 1 week. You will then be able to see which materials are the most and least popular to throw away and if they can be recycled or not!


Good luck :)

Art - Still Life Fruit Bowl Drawing 


Hello :)
Today's art lesson I'd like you to go outside into your garden. I'd like you to make a 'Still Life - drawing of a fruit/veg bowl' 

Many artists draw still life paintings - of objects that are not alive and don't move.

They will set up a table, place a dish or bowl on top of the table and place fruit and vegetables in the bowl/dish. They arrange the food nicely so you can see a variety. 


What you need to do:
1 - Take a look at the examples in the attachments below or even Google examples of Still Life - Fruit Bowl Art.
2 - With the help of your adults - set up an artistic table in your garden. You may want to add a table cloth or some flowers, a spoon maybe even a glass. What ever you think will spice up your drawings.
3 - Decide how you are going to create your drawing. Are you going to use pencils and colouring pencils? Are you going to use pencils then paint? On paper or maybe a cloth/canvas if you have them. It's your decision.
4 - Choose the best angle for drawing, try not to move about too much and get the shape, position and size of the fruit right before you colour.


Remember the top tip - lightly draw so if you make a mistake it's easy to rub out :)
Good luck - I really can't wait to see how you get on. Takes some pictures of your final masterpiece for us to see!