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Maths - Problem Solving 

Hello Everyone :)

Today I have some problems I'd like you to try and solve!


I have attached the questions on the sheet below! Remember to use 'RUCSAC'

You may want to use paper, J2E5 or J2 Office Writer.

Good luck :)

Theme - Allotment - What to do each month!

Hello Everyone :)
Something slightly different today. Instead of you answering questions - today you are going to be asking them for others.

What you need to do:
1 - Take a look at the attachment below called 'Allotment Monthly Tasks' and read the text carefully.
2 - Look at the 'Question Matrix' We have used this many times, so you know how it works.
3 - Create 10 questions about the text that other people can answer from reading the text.
For example -
Why might gardener's have nothing to do in December?
What month(s) are best for sowing seeds?


I might put your questions on to a blog for some of your friends in class to answer :) So don't make them all easy, use a variety!


You may want to write your questions on paper, J2E5 or J2Office - Writer
Good luck :)