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Reception - Mrs Beynon Morgan

Home Learning


Below is a document with a range of activities for the pupils in the Reception class to complete at home. Please check back regularly for updates and further activities.


Mrs Beynon-Morgan


More Activities to do at home.

Science Activities

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A handy booklet for home learning activities

Welcome to the Reception Class- Croeso

General Information.

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Always follow our SMART Rules

    Staff in the Class.


Mrs Beynon Morgan is the class teacher. There are three Foundation Phase  Teaching Assistants Mrs Rothe, Mrs Davies & Mrs Griffiths.

Our themes this year are;-

Autumn Term 1 - Who Wants to be My Friend?

                            The focus this term is on friendships,  being kind and making new friends.

Autumn Term 2- Why do squirrels hide their nuts?

                            The focus is on all things Autumn, trees, animals and Harvest.

Spring Term 1- Will you read me a story?

                         The focus of the learning is on traditional fairy stories.

Spring Term 2- Do cows drink milk?

                         We learn about animals and farms.

Summer Term 1- Why do zebras have stripes?

                            The children will be learning about  jungle animals.

Summer Term 2- Who lives in a rockpool?

                            We will learn about the beach and the animals that live in the sea.



Some pictures to show what we have been learning this term so far......