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Nursery (Meithrin) Mrs Hughes


Nursery Information  

Working in our class this term we have Mrs. Hughes, Mrs. Evans, Miss Baker, Mrs Griffiths, Miss Edmunds and Mrs Baker, Miss Gregg and Mrs Studholme.


Monday is our P.E. day, please can you ensure that your child wears appropriate clothing (Trainers, joggers and a T-shirt).


Our themes during this academic year are:

  • Why do leaves go crispy?                          (Autumn Term 1)
  • Is it Shiny?                                        (Autumn Term 2)
  • Where does snow go?                              (Spring Term 1)
  • Why do you love me so much?                     (Spring Term 2)
  • Why can't I have chocolate for breakfast?      (Summer Term 1)
  • How many pebbles on a beach?                    (Summer Term 2)

This video will show you how to access TEAMS for live 'Check in' sessions

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How to access online learning on HWB

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Below are different activities that you can use to help your children to continue learning at home.  There are also links to different websites which are useful for learning phonics as well as links to different stories, counting activities and yoga!

The activities are also available as PDFs if you scroll down the page - if you click on the link, you can see a larger copy.

We hope you like the different activities and we look forward to seeing photographs of the wonderful work you do (perhaps an adult could Tweet some photographs) as well as hearing all about all of the learning you enjoy...

 Amser Stori  Storytime    

Some useful websites for Home Learning:

Learn to speak Welsh - Dysgu siarad Cymraeg

Outdoor Activities

There are so many benefits of outdoor play. Key benefits include children having freedom and space outside to express themselves and more opportunity for energetic play enhancing health and fitness. 

When outside, all of a child's senses are stimulated and there is direct contact with the weather, seasons and natural world. This enables them to learn about risk in a managed environment and how to cope with these risks. 

This all contributes to creating a healthy mind, body confidence and a high self-esteem within a child.


For your child to be able to take part in these activities, please help your child to be safe in the Summer, by:


  • Providing a hat to protect your child’s head in the sunshine.
  • Wearing sensible clothes to keep your children cool and protected as appropriate
  • Ensuring your child has a spare set of clothes as they may get wet and messy during outdoor activities
  • Wearing sensible footwear to keep your child's feet protected


These ideas can help to keep your child safe in the cold weather outdoors.