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Maths - Square Numbers


Good morning everyone :) I hope you had a wonderful half term break!


Today I would like you to have a go at finding the square numbers.
Take a look at BBC bitesize KS2 Maths square numbers link below!

There is a very clear explanation given to help you understand what to do!


You will need to:
Find the square of a number you need to multiply the number by itself.
For example: To find the square of 6, you multiply 6 by 6 which makes 36. The square is 36.
To find the square of 15, you multiply 15 by 15, the square is 225. 


The questions are in the attachment below!


It's not tricky really. Try to use your own multiplication method and maybe then check with a calculator!
You can do your sums on J2E5 or J2Office - Writer or on paper.

Good luck :)

Hello :)
For any good crop, plants and flowers to grow well you need to have good soil or compost. 


We can make our own compost using waste food and materials we have at home and in the garden. In my house i throw all my vegetable peels and weeds into a big bin and wait for it to turn into compost before putting it in with my flowers every year!
I shall show you pictures soon!


Take a look at the attachment below! Have a read carefully!

Maybe you could make your own, home-made compost bin and start filling it with the right materials.


Compost does take a while to make so don't expect it to happen overnight. But when you do get it, you can use it to plant vegetables and plants that will have loads of the nutrients they need!


Good luck :)