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Maths - Problem Solving

Good morning :)

Today you are going to do some number work and problem solving, using the methods we have already looked at this year.

Click on the link attachment below to find them.
Please show your workings out, show how you got your answer. Carrying the numbers, making the sums etc.

Take your time and read the questions carefully.


Extended challenge:

We would also like you to consolidate your 2, 4 and 8 times tables, you should be able to say them quickly without having to stop to think and work them out.

Ask someone at home to test you by asking random questions for example 4x4, 9x2, 7x 8, 3x4, 6x8 etc
We still have a little bit of time left on our TT Rockstars Competition.

Good luck :)

Research - Famous People

Hello :)
Today I would like you to do some research work. This involves looking on different websites/books etc to find different information about someone or something.


I'd like you to 2 famous people from the list below and learn about who they are.... think about:
Who are these people? Where and when were they born? What kind of childhood did they have? What education did they have? Why are they famous? Did they ever fail? What changed their lives? 


Research 5 people. Think how you could present your information; you could hand write it or you could use ICT.

This activity should take about 3 to 4 days to complete.

1. Louis Pasteur
2. Florence Nightingale
3. Sir Edmund Hillary
4. Abraham Lincoln
5. Rosa Parks
6. Walt Disney
7. Amelia Earhart
8. Sir Francis Drake
9. Marie Curie
10. Winston Churchill


I have attached some links to websites below, where you may find some of the information you need. But you will also need to use other websites too.

Good luck :)