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Maths - Data Handling - The Mean 

Hello everyone :)

Today we are going to look at 'Data Handling' The word DATA means information - so when we 'handle data' we collect it, we study it, group it and discuss it.


In Maths in year 5 when we collect information (data) we look at 4 things called:
The Mean, Mode, Median and Range.


Take a look at the poem down below. You won't understand it yet until we look at each part.. but you'll get it!

Today we are looking at the 'Mean'. Mean means average (when you add up the totals of something and then divide by the numbers there are)


What you need to do is:
1 - take a look at the BBC Bitesize video below
2 - read the PowerPoint.
3 - Try the 'Mr Men Mean Challenge' Start with the easiest challenge before working your way up!

Complete your work on paper or on Just 2 easy :)


If you got that and want to try more: roll a dice 5 times, add up the 5 numbers and find the mean. Or use a pack of dominoes.


Good luck :)


Theme - Allotment - The Water Cycle


Hello everyone :)

As part of our 'Allotment' theme we need to look a little bit about water and how important it is. So today, we are going to learn about the 'Water Cycle'


Click, watch and listen to the 2 BBC Bitesize videos below: 

Carefully think about the Water Cycle. We know the cycle means to go round in a circle. That means the water on earth much start somewhere, move other places and return back where it started.


What you need to do is:
1. Use the information to help you draw a diagram to illustrate the water cycle.
Label the different stages of the water cycle.

2. In your own words explain what happens at each stage.

3.When you have finished that, go outside and pour water onto the patio and observe what happens throughout the day. You might want to use some chalk and draw around the water's edge everyone time you check. See what happens.


The work can be completed on J2e5 or paper.


Have a go at the 'Water cycle' game below to extend your understanding further!