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Monday 27th April 

Maths - Symmetry (Part 2)

Good morning everyone :) I hope you had a lovely weekend in the sunshine.

Today we are going to continue with 'Symmetry' that we started looking at last week!

Last week you learnt that a line (mirror line) of symmetry goes through the middle of the shape and each side of the 'mirror line' looks exactly the same. Some shapes are symmetrical and some are not, some have many line of symmetry such as a square, others like a semi-circle only have 1 line of symmetry.

What you need to do:
1 - Click the link below 'Symmetry Artist' I'd like you to create different 2D symmetrical shapes. The line in the centre is the mirror line and each side of the line should be identical. As you get more confident try making harder symmetrical shapes.

2 I have attached a Chilli Challenge of 'half drawn' shapes and pictures. You can complete the missing half to make them symmetrical. Choose which challenge is best for you to complete!
(You can do this on paper, on chalk outside on your garden wall/floor. Using water and a brush outside, use stones/pebbles or twigs - there are lot's of fun ways to do symmetry. (But don't forget to include the line of symmetry (the mirror line)

3 - You can go around your garden and look for shapes and draw on the lines of symmetry with chalk or water.

Good luck 
Don't forget to take photos of how you got on :)

Literacy - Wwww Look A Letter!

Today we are going to write a letter, an informal letter.

We have already learnt how to write a formal and informal letter. If you think back to our topic the 'Pharaohs' we wrote a letter from Howard Carter to Lord Carnarvon about finding the tomb of King Tut.

Well today, I think it would be nice for you to write a letter to someone (a friend or family member) who is self isolating. It is easy to send a text or email or even pick up the phone, but sometimes a hand written letter has much more meaning and love than a text. We could send a little message of joy.

What you need to do:
1 - Decide who you are going to send a letter to. It maybe a grandparent, a other family member or even maybe a friend.
2 - Think about what you are going to include. (Look at the example ideas attachment to help you out) Ask them how they are, tell them what you have been doing and describe what you hope will happen soon.
3 - Write your letter neatly and clearly
4 - With your parents, decide how are you going to deliver your letter safely.

I guarantee that your lovely letter is going to make someone smile and who knows, maybe you will even get a reply!
Look at the attachments below to help you!