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Music - Recycled Musical Instrument

Hello everyone :)

Today i'd like you to be creative and make your own musical instrument.
It could be a drum, shaker, guitar or something of your own choice.


What you need to do:
1 - Think about and discuss what RECYCLED materials you could use 
For example a pringles tube,
Paper or plastic cups
Cardboard boxes of different sizes (cereal boxes)
Plastic tubs (butter, margarine, cream)
Elastic bands
Tissue paper
Rice, lentils, dried peas, buttons.


2 - Draw or take a picture of your creation.
3 - Explain how you made it. Describe the sound it makes.
Have fun!
4 - Listen to a piece of music of your choice and use your instrument to see if you can copy the sound/rhythm/beat in the music!

Good luck :)

Maths - Reflective Symmetry 

Hello :)
Last week we look at symmetry inside a shape. You looked at 2D shapes and how to make them symmetrical by adding a mirror line down the centre so both sides of the line were exactly the same shape and size.

Today, we are going to look at 'Reflective Symmetry'
This is when you given half of a shape or pattern and you have to complete the opposite side to make both side exactly the same (Symmetrical).

What you need to do today:
1 - Refresh your minds about symmetry by watching the BBC Bitesize Video
2 - Try out your skills on the 'Mathsframe' game. Make your symmetrical patterns exactly the same on each side of the mirror line. Start of easy before trying harder shapes.
3 - Have a go making your own reflective patterns of symmetry of your own. Use paper and be creative you might even want to try it on J2E5

I have attached an example of some patterns if you cant think of your own!

Good luck :)

Literacy - Spelling (Task 2)

Hello :)

I'd like you to have a go at spelling today's list of spelling words.
What you need to do:
1 - Open up the attachment
2 - Follow the instructions
3 - Find the words in the wordsearch, highlight them or just find them on screen.
4 - Write a Wow sentence for each word (you can do this on paper or Just 2 Easy!

Good luck :)