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Live Check-In Sessions Expectations for Students



Live Session Expectations for Students


Ysgol Pen Rhos School Microsoft Teams/Google Meet User Guide


I would like to thank the parents and pupils of Ysgol Pen Rhos who are engaging with blended learning. We do understand how difficult it is for all, and as a school we are here to ensure the wellbeing of all those involved. The school continues to deliver blended learning through work packs which are produced by the class teachers, and activities that are shared electronically for all lessons.


However, during these uncertain times, we at Ysgol Pen Rhos feel it is vitally important to keep in touch with pupils from our school. We intend to start ‘Check in Mondays and Check out Fridays'. Following government guidelines, we will use Microsoft Teams App for year 6 and Google Meet App for year 5, which are embedded into the Hwb platform. These live sessions will take place at 9:30 am (Year 6) and 10.00 am (Year 5). Each session will last for approximately 15 minutes. We intend to use this time to explain weekly tasks and support our pupils with problems they may have when trying to complete their work.


Pupils who are at home will be taken to have agreed to these terms of use: 

To take part in these sessions it is important that parents and pupils read and agree to follow these rules: 


Guidance and Expectations for Live Sessions for Students

  1. Before the session:

• Set up your device (iPad, Computer etc) in a quiet environment and have all your equipment ready for the session.

• Log in to Microsoft Teams a few minutes earlier than the start of your class to avoid any lastminute delays and/or to address any potential tech issues.

• Turn your camera and video off. If you need to ask questions, please use the chat facility or raise the hand icon.

• Minimise distractions as much as possible by ensuring that any mobile phones are turned off or are in another room where it will not divide your attention. If you have pets or siblings, try to make sure that you are in a quiet space.

• Remember that you are communicating in a class setting with a teacher, TA and other students and should not use acronyms or emojis in your conversations. If you would not write or include something on a piece of paper in class to be handed in and marked by your teacher, please do not include it in an online conversation.


    2. What your teacher expects from you during the session:

• Your camera should be off for the duration of the session, unless a member of staff specifically asks you to switch it on (possibly to showcase any learning or resources).

 • Your microphone should be off for the duration of the session, unless the teacher asks you to turn it on e.g.: “Could Student X turn their mic on and tell me what you think regarding Y?”

• You can ask questions throughout the session using the ‘Raise your hand’ icon.

 • Please remember that you are accountable for what you say on your microphone or in writing (just like at school). Making inappropriate, offensive or unkind comments, including through emojis, GIFs and/or images, will not be tolerated.

• The recording of still images, filmed images or audio of staff or other pupils without permission, and the distribution of such images, is strictly forbidden and illegal. We must ensure that this does not occur. Please also ensure that any information, images or recordings are not shared online or on social media of any kind.

• It is expected that pupils will engage in sessions in a manner as similar to regular classroom learning as possible.

This includes: not lying in bed; making sure no music is on in the room; mobile phones are not to be used during the session, nor are other functions on computers; pupils should have all their equipment ready before the session.

 • Behaviour when working as part of an online session should be as expected in normal classroom: good listening skills; prepared to ask and answer questions; attempt tasks, whatever the challenge; engage respectfully with others when working together.


Given the current climate in education, some of this information / guidance could be updated / altered – if this is the case, we will ensure that this document is updated.


For further guidance please read:


Link for LEA Live Streaming Session Policy