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Home Learning Activities (04.05.20- 22.05.20)

At the start of the week you should read this activity grid. Then work through the tasks during the course of the week. You will find these tasks set up as assignments in Office 365 TEAMS. Resources and Links for each activity can also be found on the resource page of this Year 6 area of the school website. Simply, download using the method that works for you.

Activity Grid : 04.05.20

Child's War: Activity Grid

VE Day: Remembrance Event (8th-10th May)

Here is a brief video to explain why we celebrate VE Day.

And here is a site which explains more about this special day.

Have a go at taking on one of Dan Snow's VE Day challenges from this website.


Religious Education 

Discover more about the religious festival or Ramadan which is currently being celebrated throughout the world. Write a report in J2e


Welsh Second Language 

Task 1

Read the non-fiction book about France.

Task 2

Create a factual poster about France in J2e. 

Weekly Challenge