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P.E - Ladder Work

Happy Friday everyone :)
This is the last lesson on Google Classrooms/Website for a while as you should now or soon will have a project sent to your house for you to complete.


Anyway, today's task is a Ladder Exercise. Ladders are a good way to improve balance, coordination and agility.


We are not talking about ladders that you climb! If you don't have a rope ladder for the ground draw it on the floor with chalk or something that will wash away.


This is what you need to do:
1 - Get a good stretch and warm up those muscles
2 - Look at the different ladder drills you can do. Start with number 1 then work your way through!
3 - Repetition is key. Repeat each drill 3 times. it's not a race, it's all about control.
4 - When you have completed the drills you can challenge yourself further by adding in a ball. You could swap the ball back and for in your hands as you move up the ladder, maybe throw and catch it, or bounce it. Which ever works.. the more tasks you can do at the same time the better your attention and awareness will become.


I have also attached more 'Lockdown Challenges' if you need to get up and moving!

Good luck and enjoy :)