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PE Friday's - Tennis Throw

Hello everyone :)

I thought we'd try a challenge of the week for PE have a look at 'Home PE KS2 -  Challenge of the Week' Try this before your task. Click the link below to see!


Warm Up:
- Take a tennis ball (or what ever ball you have available)
- Stand facing a wall about 5 steps away
- Throw the ball against the wall and catch it (when you are ready, try one hand, then try changing hands)
- Throw the ball higher or lower and side to side.. remember to keep on your toes


Watch the video below of the 'Tennis Throw' you will need a partner for this activity.
There is also a help sheet to explain how to play the Tennis Throw game!

You can make the game harder or easier by changing the size of your Tennis Court!


Good luck :)

Throw Tennis

Theme - Food Miles

Hello :)
Today we are going to look at how far our food has travelled. The journey from a food being grown to our plate is called 'Food Miles'

We can find out how far an item of food has travelled by using a 'Food Miles Calculator' (On the link below)


You tasks for today:
1 - Check out the food calculator down below - follow the 3 steps on the right hand side in the green box. You will need to select United Kingdom as your home.
2 - In your house find different fruit and vegetables and look on the packaging to see where they have travelled from.
3 -  Input your information into the Food Miles Calculator and see how far your food has travelled to your house roughly.


I'd like you to find out:
- Which fruit or vegetables in your house has travelled the furthest distance?
- Which fruit or vegetables in your house has travelled the least distance?


Extended challenge:
Research your favourite smoothie or meal. Look at what fruit and vegetables are used in your smoothie or meal. Then use the calculator to find the total miles of all the fruit and vegetables used.

I bet you will be shocked! 

Good luck :)