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Theme - The Life-Cycle of a Frog 

Hello everyone :)

Today you are going to learn about the life cycle of a frog.

Take a look at the video clip below! 

Look at the different stages of development for an animal. We call this a life cycle, the stages a living thing passes through during the course of it's life.


I'd like you to create a life - cycle for a 'Frog'
- Using J2E5 or paper, create your life cycle with pictures of each stage.
- Then name and explain what happens at each stage clearly.
- Don't forget to include arrows to point to the next stage - they should go in.... you guessed it... a circle. Take a look below!


Good luck :)

TT Rockstars Competition

Hello :)

I thought, being as it's Friday and the sun is out that we'd have a little competition.. Mr Davies' class vs Mrs Morgans' class.


On TT Rockstars I have set up a competition. It should be visible somewhere on your main screen. I'm not sure where as I can't see your accounts. You will have to look for it!


Log in and do your best!


The class that has the most points by the end of Monday 18th May.. wins!!


Let's get rocking!

Good luck :)