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PSE - Mindfulness Online Art

Hello everyone :)
From doing our 'Circle Time' in school and our 'Daily Mile' you are learning how important it is to look after ourselves.
When we stop to think about ourselves, we call this 'Mindfulness' - the ability to think about how we are feeling and do activities that help us de-stress, relax and feel calm.

I know how much you all like colouring so today I have the perfect activity for you. Today you can colour and create Mandalas online!

What you need to do is:
1 - Click on the link below
2 - Click colour and choose your Mandala
3 - Colour your Mandala how you wish

If you think you'd like to create your own Mandala click the 'Design New'

What would make you even more relaxed would be if you played some relaxing music the same time, just like we do in class!

Enjoy :)

PE - Circuit Training 

Hello everyone :)
The sun is shining so let's get outside and move about.

Today i'd like you to design and complete your own CIRCUIT TRAINING.

Circuit Training is where you complete a range of different activities one after each other. For examples running on the spot, then star jumps, then frog jumps.
You can decide on a time for how long you do your exercise and how long you rest. It could look like this:
- Run on the spot - 1 minute exercise (10 seconds rest)
- Start jumps - 1 minute exercise (30 seconds rest)
- Frog jumps - 30 seconds exercise (20 seconds rest)


I'd like you to design your own circuit to do today. You need to:
1 - Take a look at the Circuit Cards for ideas of what to do (you might want to use your own) of between 4 and 8 exercises.
2 - Use the 'Planning' sheet to help you design the circuit you are going to do
3 - Go outside (safely) and complete your circuit. (You may need to change it if something is too hard or too easy)


Remember - if you don't understand how to do your circuits you can:
Speak to an adult at home or
Research 'Circuit Training for Children' on Google