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Flipgrid Instructions


Flipgrid is a programme provided for free to all pupils attending schools in Wales. This programme allows for us to set discussions, oracy and speaking & listening as home learning tasks. The first challenge is to log in to Flipgrid.


To access Flipgrid at home all you need is;

  • a device to access the internet
  • your pupil' HWB username and password
  • the Flipcode for your pupil's class or task


Accessing Flipgrid


Option 1: Accessing Flipgrid using a browser

Learners do not need to sign up for a Flipgrid account.  Teachers can provide learners with a ‘Flip code’ which learners use to access the video grid.

  1. Login into Hwb
  2. Click on the Flipgrid tile and write the code, which will be provided by your class teacher (codes will be set in your J2e/Google or TEAMS area)
  3. Choose ‘Log in with Microsoft’
  4. Log in using your Hwb details
  5. You will now be taken directly to your task


Option 2: Accessing Flipgrid using a mobile device.

To access Flipgrid on mobile device (tablet or smartphone) you will need to download the free Flipgrid app.  The app is available for both iOS (Apple) and Android devices.

  1. Launch the app
  2. Choose ‘Student’
  3. Enter the ‘Flip Code’ from your teacher
  4. Choose ‘Log in with Microsoft’
  5. Enter your Hwb username and password. 


Once in you can view an activity, listen to a story being read or answer a challenge set by your teacher. In some examples your teacher will ask you to create a little video to answer a task.