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Week of - 20.04.2020

Monday 20th April:

Maths - 7 Times Tables 

1 - On YouTube - Find the 7 Times Table song to the tune of 'Happy'

2 - Create the 7 times table fortune teller below.

3 - Try the extended challenge if you think you are up to it!

Literacy - Commas

We use commas for clauses in a sentence. Take a look at the task below and read the instructions carefully.

Tuesday 21st April

Literacy - Commas 

Yesterday we looked at commas for clauses, today, we are going to look at commas when we add extra information to the sentence.
Look at the document below, read the instructions carefully and complete the tasks!

Science - Living Things

I'd like you to look at the document below before you complete the task.
Only do this task in your garden or if you safely go for a walk with your family. I want you to find as many living things using the alphabet and describe them using wow adjectives.

Wednesday 22nd April

DT and Literacy

This tasks is in 2 parts:
1 - Firstly, I would like you to help make, bake or cook something WITH YOUR PARENTS today or when they are next able to. 
(This could be anything from a cup of tea, a cake, a salad, a sandwich or whatever your parents think is ideal) If you don't have time to make anything then just help them to do prepare something that you are going to eat.

2- Then, I would like you to write a set of instructions for what you have just made, baked or cooked.
(You will need to remember what you did, in the correct order, the times and amounts needed as well as what equipment you used) as all these are needed for instructions.

You can write your instructions on J2E5, J2Office - Writer or even make a PowerPoint on J2Office -Present . It is entirely up to you!

Before you write your instructions, have a think about what your instructions have looked like in the past (think back to our Christmas card instructions we made)

I will let you make your instructions to see how you get on, then when you have made them I will send you (tomorrow) some examples of excellent instructions to see if you can 'up level' yours in anyway.

I look forward to seeing how you have got on!
Maybe your adults can post a picture on Twitter for me to see. Also you can upload a photo using the 'Upload' button on J2E.

Good luck :)


Before school closed we were looking at 'Forces' and how they work. We looked at air resistance in parachutes, we looked at friction with the cars and we looked a little at gravity.

I want you to watch this short video about 'Defying Gravity' by Techniquest. I think it's pretty amazing and i'm sure you will too.
I don't want you to do anything other than watch the video and discuss what happened with your adults!

Maybe if you have the items used in the video you could have a go yourself! (If you don't have them, don't panic, just enjoy the video and we will try it when we are back in school)
If you do have the items and you try it, maybe your adults can share a picture on our twitter or on the 'upload' button on J2E.

Enjoy everyone

Thursday 23rd April

Literacy - Instructions (Part 2)

If you have created your instructions yesterday, well done :)
Now as you know, once we have done a piece of work we look for ways to improve them. We can do that by looking at good and bad examples and also by using our 'Success Criteria' (things we must include/do)

Today you will need to:
1 - If you'd like to see more good examples for ideas, take a look at the WAGOLL Literacy link below.
2 - Use the ''Success Criteria' document below to help give you an idea of what you should have in your instructions, kind of like a tick list.
Go through the list and identify what you could add to your instructions to make them better.


Maths - Symmetry

Today i'd like you to have a look at some basic Symmetry. 
Symmetry is where a 2D shape is split up in to equal parts (the same shape and size parts) when you draw a line down the middle/centre. 
If we draw a line down the centre of the shape and the parts are exactly the same on either side we say that this is 'Symmetrical'.

What you need to do:
1 - Firstly, watch the BBC Bitesize video clip that explains how we know a shape is symmetrical or not.
2 - Take a look at the attachment 'Symmetry of 2D Shapes' using paper at home (Squared paper or dotted paper is ideal but plain paper works well too) You could even draw them outside with chalk, or water and a brush, be creative!
I'd like you to draw your shapes on paper explore the different lines of symmetry it has! (Remember to draw straight lines with a ruler) The shapes get more difficult as you go down the pages!
3 - I have attached a 'Topmarks Symmetry Game' for you to put your new skills to test! 

Using J2E5, you may want to draw shapes on to the page and add on the lines of symmetry for different shapes. There are already squares and circles etc on the side of the page which you simply add in!

Friday 24th April 2020

Comfort Reading 

Good morning everyone, another lovely day, so let's make the most of it!

Your task today, again, is in 2 parts.


Part 1:
Get yourself a nice drink, a snack (maybe some fruit) and get yourself something nice to read. This could be a book, a comic magazine etc and go and chill in the garden. Find a nice comfy spot, relax and enjoy your book. There is no time limit for this, but, i'm sure if you choose a good book, the right book, you won't want to put it down! 


Part 2:
When you have had your relaxing reading session i'd like you to tell me a little bit about what you have read. But I don't want you to type it or write it. I'd like you to create a voice clip. You can do this by:
- Go into Just 2 Easy
- Select J2E5 (red icon)
- At the top of the screen on the tools bar is an icon with a speaker and a circle that says (add video/sound/embed)
- Make sure you allow your microphone to work and then you are ready to talk.


(If you can't use Hwb, that is fine. You can tell one of your adults or siblings in your house about the book)

You can discuss things like:
- What your book is called
- Who are the main characters
- What's the book about
- What has happened so far
- What do you think will happen next etc


I love listening to you all read, so you might want to add another voice clip to the page of you reading a small section of the book to me! 

Good luck :)

Let's Get Moving - Catching and Throwing 


Hello all.
As Friday is usually our PE day I thought maybe we can still do PE Friday's. (I can't wait until we are back doing our Morning Mile' again)

I have attached some 'Catching and Throwing' activities that you can do outside in your garden. You can do these activities with your parents and/or siblings. If they are younger siblings you could teach them the skills by being the teacher maybe.

Some equipment you need if you have them - improvise if you don't have them)
- balls (different sizes)
- cones or markers of some kind 

It is important to start with a warm up to get our bodies ready for exercise - you can use the ones on the sheet, some of your own or ones we have done in the past.

Try the different activities using the 'Activity Cards'.
If you don't understand something the 'Adult Guidance' explains it more clearly for you or your parents.

You don't need to do them all today/ or master them today. You can practice these each day and/or a new activity each day.

Remember i'd love to see you doing your tasks on twitter!
Good luck :)